First monthly ‘Beach Patrol’!

On Sunday morning, 4th November, several SoloAmigos got together for a healthy walk while helping to preserve our lovely environment. Armed with an array of special equipment for the job, they combed the beach in Moraira and took away as much plastic litter and rubbish as they could.   In all, some 12 ‘woman hours’ of work were clocked up on the task (for there were notably no men in the group!).

It may only be a modest effort in the global scheme of things but these brave, community-spirited women had the full backing of Moraira council and made a valuable contribution to keeping our local beach – and ocean – free of the plastic blight the world is currently going through. One has only to look at TV documentaries like ‘Blue Planet’ to see just how big a problem this has become for human societies in all parts of the world.

SoloAmigos leader Sheran reports that several passers-by who saw our ladies in action were very supportive of the initiative, which was originally suggested and organised by our wise and hard-working U3A Membership/Committee Liaison, Dot Garrett, with additional support from U3A Groups Co-ordinator, Lynn Clark – both of whom were fearlessly brandishing their own litter-picking sticks and rubber gloves on the day.  It is planned that the patrol will become a monthly event, and more members are very welcome to come and join in!

Of course, SoloAmigos are all for having fun and turning work into a social occasion too, so they finished the task with a very pleasant brunch at the Blue Waterfront restaurant.

The gallant group can be seen here: