Surprise Sundowner ‘Stag Night’!

They say that Halley’s Comet appears in the sky every 75 years or so, while the famous Amorphophallus Titanum plant only blooms every 40 years, but it’s unheard of that no female SoloAmigos turn up to our fortnightly Sundowner drinks event. (Gasp!)

Is this another symptom of global warming? An unforeseen effect of Brexit? Or the fact that the SoloAmigo Señoras somehow found out that THREE men would turn up and then promptly all fainted at the prospect?!! We may never know…

Our small, lonely group of viejos caballeros had to sob quietly into their cervezas, wondering what they had done to merit such a fate.
However, by the second San Miguel (or whatever it was) they had completely forgotten all about being stood up and recovered their spirits sufficiently to enter into some male bonding rituals: sharing ribald jokes and stimulating anecdotes on the subject of cars, golf, football and, er...women.

Our friends at the excellent Bar Anclamar also came to their rescue by providing the jilted threesome with a free cornucopia of culinary delights, as can be seen below.

At the end of the evening, the hapless hombresFreddie, Keith & Robert – had become lifelong blood brothers (it says here…), swearing mutual allegiance like Los Tres Mosqueteros : “all for one and one for all!”.   Then, as each weaved his separate way back home, they wondered if it had all been a dream, a cunning plan by the Señoras to avoid them… or just that they had simply turned up on the wrong night.

Answers on a postcard, please…