Sundowner & Birthday Bash, Moraira

It was a special Sundowner this week at the Anclamar Bar / Restaurant  (Moraira, Tuesday 27th November).

Not only did we celebrate the return of the SoloAmigos women to our fortnightly drinks event while watching the sun go down in Moraira, but this time we helped our Beloved Leader Sheran celebrate her umpty-ninth birthday as well.

The Solos men had been worried that it might be a female-free evening – as last time – but luckily the usual suspects joined us once again. Phew!
(Of course, that may have been because Sheran had dropped several heavy hints about her birthday when she was with us at lunch on Sunday.)
Either way, it was good fun, and a beautiful Moraira sunset provided a fitting backdrop to the occasion for the first hour, before we all adjourned inside to the warmth of the restaurant.

A fine selection of alcoholic beverages was consumed and then some birthday cake appeared, beautifully presented and served by the lovely people at Anclamar. We’re not sure that the four candles blown out by Sheran represented the four decades since she was born as she claimed, but it was her day so who’s counting?

After a couple of vino tintos, Solos member Carolyn said that she had baked the delicious cakes earlier that day, but none of us could quite believe that the words ‘Carolyn’ and ‘baked’ had ever appeared in the same sentence before.  We think that when she said ‘baked’, she must have meant ‘collected from the supermarket’, and we were all very grateful that she did.
(We knew that one of them had been brought to the party by Lynn, anyway…).

So… Feliz Cumpleaños a Sheran, and Many Happy Returns!