STOP PRESS : Valentine’s Lunch 7 Feb 2019

Hello SoloAmigos,

An invitation to this external event was just received by Sheran.
It’s from local U3A member Jean Mudge, treasurer of the Moraira Ladies Luncheon Club:

“I am sending you the details of a lunch I have organised for several years to coincide hopefully with the beautiful almond blossom in the Jalon valley. This as you know is under threat because of a bug which is invading the trees.
For this lunch we at Ladies Luncheon Club of Moraira, of which I have been treasurer for 15 years, invite gentlemen and friends as it is outside our normal area.”

“We sit groups together and I try hard to make tables divisible by 4 so 4, 8, 12, etc., as the tapas are each served for 4 people.
Portions are very generous, there is an optional raffle for charity and an easy fun quiz with prizes (last year was identifying chocolate bars and the year before biscuits!).
If your group would like to make up a table you would be very welcome to join us. If only a few are interested, they could join us at the ‘Just Friends’ table (we are re-named!)”.

“I hope you can join us as this will be my last year with this popular event.
Wishing you and the group a very Happy Christmas and New Year.”


Sheran confirms she will be going and that she knows the restaurant well, having been there many times with family.
If you’re interested, and you’re a Lady OR a Gentleman, contact Sheran in the first instance who will consolidate numbers and liaise with Jean Mudge. Sheran is also able to offer a lift to 3 people on the day.

For more images and other details, follow this link:

Their contact page has a location map.

Menu here: 2019 St Valentine Lunch Menu – La Solana

The event will also be discussed at our January meeting.

In the meantime…

Feliz Navidad!