At Your Service!

Don’t you just wish you had a spare pair of hands sometimes?
A chauffeur, a ‘gopher’ or a general factotum?
Someone to pick up a parcel, assemble your flat-pack furniture,
mow the balcony, hoover the lawn, or polish all those silver trophies you won at the local bowls club?

Well now you do!

Introducing SuperAlex, the answer to your dreams (no, not those dreams, silly!).  

With impeccable references from Auntie Sheran, young Alex is here to help you in any way he can:

My 19 year old nephew is willing to do odd jobs, rubbish clearing, jet washing, stacking wood, cleaning and shopping for €10 an hour.
He has a car so could also run errands. His name is Alex, fluent in Spanish and English. Ring him direct 699 266 861. He is a lovely lad!”

(There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Auntie Sheran gets 10% of the take as the lad’s agent!)  ;o)

Please form an orderly queue to snap up Alex’s services while he has time in his diary!!