Sundowner, Tuesday 19th February

What a lovely sunny evening and a great turnout!

The bright, early evening sunshine meant that we could start our fortnightly drinks evening by sitting outside Bar Anclamar to watch the golden sun go down over the horizon… which is possibly why the event is called the Sundowner!
Anyway, SoloAmigos members must all have known it was going to be sunny, or why else would so many turn up?

There had been some mention in advance of Robert buying a round of drinks – a slightly rarer event than catching sight of the Loch Ness Monster or the Abominable Snowman – but that couldn’t have been the reason, surely?

As it happens, the cheeky blighter pretty much got off without dipping his hand in his pocket, as his fellow Amigos chipped in to buy him a glass or three of cava instead! Not only that, but they presented him with a very nice coffee mug with a great motto which sums up the SoloAmigos very well, plus some farewell cards signed by the group to wish him on his way.

What a result!
“I’ll have to do this ‘leaving’ trick more often”, Robert was heard to mutter…
…but then he realised that they all seemed rather too happy that he was going back to England.


Seriously though, folks…
Thank you all so much for making it a memorable evening.
You’re all very kind and I’ll miss you while I’m away.

Love,  Robert x