Sunday Breakfast Walk, 24th March

Sunday Walk and Breakfast 24 March 2019

Early Risers!

Some of us like to lie in on Sunday mornings, possibly because it’s “the morning after the night before”, as they say. The thought of getting up early and actually putting clothes on to go out before lunchtime is definitely a step too far for some. We’ll mention no names, of course…

However, there is a healthy, lively group of SoloAmigos who not only get up early on Sundays and get dressed, but they even have the energy and willpower to be sociable and actually walk somewhere! Without knowing it, and in the nicest possible way, they set a marvellous example to us all and put those of us who are still in bed at 11am to shame. (What? It’s only Robert who’s still in bed at that time?  Oh…)

They walk, chat, laugh and actually have fun while walking together to Moraira’s lovely Algas bar for breakfast. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a very nice time, reports Sheran, who also took these photos for our blog.

Well done everyone!

Are you reading this, Robert? Time to get up!