Historical Walk – Javea, 30th May

A Historic Afternoon!

On Thursday 30th May, our very own History expert Keith led a group of Solos members on a very amusing and informative walk around Javea old town, reports SoloAmigos group leader, Sheran.

The museum was very interesting and also offered some great views from the roof, and the group later had some lunch in a lovely spot.

Although Sheran had said before the walk that the group were not allowed to wander off into the shops so as not to hold up the walk, she was caught out herself, having spotted some red shoes that she needed in the window of a nearby shoe shop.
Naturally, she had to stop and buy them (wouldn’t you, dear reader?)… but alas poor Keith was not amused!

However, he must eventually have resigned himself to the fact that when it comes to a choice between history and buying shoes, it’s no contest.

It’s just possible that Sheran’s face was as red as her new shoes over the guilty shopping interlude, but it was a good-humoured afternoon and a great time was had by all, with lots of giggles!

Our thanks go to Keith once again for suggesting and leading the tour, and for being patient.
No doubt he’ll be planning the routes for his historical walks to avoid passing any shoe shops in future!