Sundowner, 25th June

How does that song go…“It’s Raining Men”?  It looks like Sheran didn’t bring her umbrella, either!

Tuesday’s Sundowner event made a pleasant change, with the SoloAmigos men outnumbering the women this time.
To be more precise, our Sheran was in fact the only woman there.
She claims that the other girls were all off on a U3A Travel Group visit to Valencia that day, but we think Sheran fixed it so she could have the guys all to herself. Hmmmm…

At least it gave her a chance to find out just exactly what men talk about between themselves…a question which has eluded anthropologists for centuries!  However, she’s promised not to let on, and has signed a non-disclosure agreement to that effect.
Get her a couple of glasses of vino next time and Sheran might spill the beans though, ladies.

She may even be able to pass on to everyone a couple of Keith’s jokes. (What’s that? “Please no!”, you say?)

Seriously, though…well done to the men for making it a fun evening.  Why not come along to every Sundowner in future?