Sundowner – Tuesday 3rd September

Fortnightly Sundowner at La Gaviota.

Despite the recent changeable weather, Sheran reports that it was another good turnout for the fortnightly drinks evening at La Gaviota in Moraira last week. The tourist season is coming to an end and it’s easier to find a restaurant table or a parking space once again, not to mention the more comfortable temperatures in the sun.

Here you can see the happy group enjoying each other’s company as usual, blissfully unaware of Brexit, the Sterling / Euro exchange rate or who’s been kicked out of the Great British Bake Off this week. Not a care in the world except for the serious business of having a good time.
And why not?!

As we SoloAmigos enjoy life in the sunshine and our membership continues to grow nicely, life couldn’t be better.

Here’s to absent friends on this occasion and looking forward to seeing you at the next one.