Akira Quiz, Wednesday 30th October

Akira Quiz Evening

As many will know, Akira is a dog sanctuary charity for the protection of dogs in the Benissa, Moraira and Teulada area (see http://www.akira-animals.com/). They hold regular events to raise funds, including Quiz Nights at El Martillo…one of our favourite places.

The SoloAmigos entered a team for the 30th October event, where something like 15 teams competed for fun and prizes.

We’re proud to say that we came 5th on the night, which shows just how intelligent our members are (it says here..!), as well as being jolly good sports, seekers of a good time, and supporters of worthy local causes.

For some reason, the saintly halos of our members don’t appear to show up in these photographs!

Thanks to all who took part, and let’s try to get 1st place next time!